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Get to Know Our Experienced Staff
It is important that your pet is groomed and cared for by well-trained and experienced hands. Owner Beth Johnston has been grooming since 1995 and is certified through the National Dog Groomers Association of America and is also Pet CPR certified by the Red Cross. We have years of grooming experience to make sure your dog is beautiful, happy, and safe. Beth's Barks N Bubbles is fully insured and is committed to your pet's health and well being.

Beth Johnston is a lifelong animal lover who groomed the family dog in the driveway at 10 years of age. Fritzie didn't tell, so Beth's mom never found out, which is good, otherwise she might not have pursued her early passion for dog grooming!

Beth trained and showed horses before and after earning her Associates Degree in Equine Studies at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, and she gave riding lessons for several years after moving to North Carolina in 1993. She began working with dogs in a veterinary clinic as receptionist in 1994. Shortly thereafter she was being trained as a vet assistant, kennel worker, and grooming assistant. Then one day, the groomer quit and the Practice Manager walked up with a set of scissors and the real on the job training began! Beth got her first full time job as groomer in May of 1995 and started working in Carrboro in December of 1997, where she worked for 13 great years before opening Beth's Barks N Bubbles.
Beth has experience grooming show dogs for confirmation. She showed her beautiful white Standard Poodle Kimberly Jean for 2 years in AKC competitions, where she received several placements. Now Beth competes with her fast and graceful Standard Poodle Guinevere in agility. Guinevere and Beth are working hard and enjoying the competition as Gwennie has won several titles and is getting invited to national competitions.  Beth even tricked her Husband into buying another Standard Poodle (Ernie) who is "not supposed to be" an agility dog. Beth tells him that the lessons on Tuesday night are "focus" lessons... focus on agility!

Beth has been grooming since 1995 and is certified through the National Dog Groomers Association of America and the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers. She is also trained in Canine CPR by the American Red Cross. Beth was a contributing writer for The Triangle Dog magazine, answering grooming questions in the Ask the Groomer column. She has also had a featured story in The Creative Groomer Magazine.

Beth with husband Rich and family poodles Lance & Kimberly.

Colleen Risbeck AKA "Corndog" 
A native of Ohio, Colleen spent a lot of time working in her grandparents restaurant during her childhood and developed an amazing work ethic under their watchful eyes. She did however find herself sneaking off from time to time to care for the stray cats and kittens that surrounded the restaurant and even brought a few of them home. That is where her love for animals started. As she grew older she also fell in love with dogs and acquired a Great Dane named Gus and a Boxer named Kyra.

Colleen currently has a 3 year old boxer/pit mix named Shelly that she adopted from a kennel that she worked at. Shelly was abandoned by her owner and was going to be euthanized because of her breed but not if Colleen had anything to say about it! Colleen and Shelly now spend their days off together watching movies on the couch and sunbathing. 

Colleen is a veterinary assistant graduate of Northcoast Medical Training Academy, Kent OH.

Bonnie has been a lifelong animal lover and has cared for all manner of household pets and farm animals. She has even trained Standardbred horses for harness racing!

Before relocating to NC, she ran a successful business that provided dog training, grooming and pet sitting throughout Fairfield County, CT.

Bonnie discovered Beth's Barks N Bubbles soon after moving to NC in the spring of 2017. She loves working here and believes it is a great place for canines and humans alike! Bonnie loves the wide variety of dog breeds who come thru the door and is able to cater to the special needs of dogs who may not have enjoyed grooming elsewhere with her vast knowledge of dog training.

She hopes to meet you and your beloved dog soon!