Beth's Barks N Bubbles

Kind Words from Our Customers
"It was such a pleasure working with you today! ... Jazz and Bernie are looking so handsome! ... I especially love the scissor work you did on his ears and face... beautiful." - Ann S.

"We are THRILLED with Janey's grooming last week. She looks amazing, and my husband says that "this is the way a poodle is supposed to look." Haha! Thank you!" - Lauren T.

"I think you did a great job -- if possible she's even cuter than the picture! Thanks so much for taking such great care of my little girl.  See you in a few months." - Ann A.

"Beth and her team work wonders on my Basset hounds! When I tried bathing my hounds at home, I could not do even half as well as Beth and her team.  My hounds come out of Beth's Barks and Bubbles so soft and beautiful that I will never do home bathing again!  Beyond the excellent grooming, Beth and her team pay attention to my hounds and bring any concerns to my attention.  For example, Beth noticed a cyst on one dog and commented to me that it appeared new as she had not seen it last month; her observation shows how she pays genuine attention to and has concern for each client.  I also appreciate how Beth and her team are extra gentle with my 13 year-old hound, Hannah, who no longer has eyes because of glaucoma. Beth and her team demonstrate such amazing kindness to this sweet senior dog with special needs.  I highly value Beth and her team of professionals!" - Heather K.

"You and your team did a fantastic job on the dogs... they look great!  I really appreciate your great customer service and will bring the dogs back for their next haircut/grooming." - Karin S.

"I have been using Beth's Barks and Bubbles for over a year now and couldn't be happier with their service. The whole staff is friendly and talented, and I have had a chance to work with each of them in turn. My three year old poodle, Rooney, used to hate coming to the groomer and I would see a significant worsening in his behavior for days afterwards. Beth and her staff make him feel so comfortable that going to the groomer is now a non-event for him, and he seems so happy after his haircuts.  They do an amazing job with his challenging coat every time, even if I bring him in matted (he loves to play in puddles!) I would recommend Beth's Barks and Bubbles to anyone due to their grooming skills, their excellent customer service, and their ability to make dogs feel comfortable." - Beth R.
"Thank you so much. Maggie looks great. But Bentley looks amazing!! We are both extremely happy with how his coat turned out. Thanks again!!!" - Kathy P.

"We had a great experience at your "spa." Coconut was very happy when she left, which is very important to me. Her cut is perfect. I really liked the openness of your shop; the fact that I could see the kennels, etc. We will definitely be back. Thanks for taking such great care of my baby!" - Elizabeth B.

"Thank you so much for spending time with Maggie! You did an amazing job and i haven't seen her stomach that clean in months - and we have been getting her groomed at Petco monthly for almost a year. You did an amazing job and we will definitely be coming back! ... She hasn't been scratching or shaking her ears (which she normally does after Petco) at all, and looks and smells great! ... Thanks so much!!!" - Ashley M.

"Giza is still looking just as pretty as the day we came in. Whatever you did to get all that undercoat out was AWESOME :)"  Cat L.

"I wanted to let you know that we have gotten SO MANY compliments on Murphy's summer cut! People have literally been stopping us in the street to tell us how adorable he looks. We trimmed his fur to keep him cool but are now thinking that this may be his permanent, year-round look. Thank you so much!! " - Jennifer S.

"Everything went great with Snuggle-Bear!  He came home and took a huge power nap (much to the disappointment of Chloe, who was fully rested and ready to play). He didn't seem to have any scratching or tenderness. Thank you for the assistance, he looks great, and we'll be keeping up with his combing now that we have some direction and a fresh start. He's our first curly haired little boy, and we are new to the grooming side of things.  We will likely take you up on the combing lesson!" - Eric

"Thank you so much for the newsletter and wonderful grooming experience yesterday! Dot was very happy with her soft, shiny coat and trimmed nails. She hasn't been sore at all around her bottom, at least not as far as I can tell. I'm kicking myself for not switching to your business sooner. You have such a clean, sunny establishment and your stunning poodles add such a note of elegance! I also appreciate the information you shared about the vaccination schedule for Dot." - Jenny M.

"I am so happy to see Rocket! The scissor work is just so incredible (always is!). I love her head, I love seeing her eyes again! I love how short she is... she's flying around the house like she has wings! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on her today, that was a great present to me!" - Marie D.